Difference Between Crystalline and Amorphous Solids

Difference between crystalline and amorphous solids

compare crystalline and amorphous solids

Let us take a look at the table to side by side compare the differences between crystalline and amorphous solid.

1) The first point of differentiation is appearance. While crystalline solids are orderly arranged in a regular fashion, amorphous solids do not have any regular arrangement.

2) Due to this crystalline solids have both long range and short range order whereas, amorphous solids only have short range order.

3) Crystalline solids have sharp melting point whereas amorphous solids melt over a range of temperature.

4) Crystalline solids show a definite heat of fusion whereas amorphous solids do not have a definite heat of fusion.

5) Crystalline solids undergo a clean cleavage when cut with a sharp object such as a knife. Amorphous solids, on the other hand, cut irregularly.

6) Crystalline solids show anisotropy in physical property measurements whereas amorphous solids are isotropic.

7) All these properties make crystalline solids, true solids and amorphous solids are called pseudo-solids or supercooled liquids.

The following statement can serve as a mnemonic to help you memorize these differentiation points;

Overeating Created Many New Health Problems for Alice

Where, the every first alphabet in the sentence stands for- 

Arrangement, Order, Cleavage property, Melting point, Nature, Heat of Fusion, and Physical property.

how do crystalline solids differ from amorphous solids

Crystalline solids behave like the good guy displaying positive behavior for all the properties. They are true solids, regularly arranged, show cleavage property, exhibit definite heat of fusion and a sharp melting point. But as every good guy has a weakness, for the crystalline solids, it is anisotropy for physical property measurements. On the other hand, amorphous solids behave like the bad guy but have one good quality and that is isotropy.

Each differentiation point mentioned here will be explained in detail in the following videos so that you understand the concept better.

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