Basic Chemistry Questions and Answers

How will you convert ethanal to propanone?

Ethanal is a two-carbon aldehyde, and propanone is a three carbon ketone. The first step is to make a Carbon-Carbon bond, and the Grignard reagent would be the best choice. The aldehyde ethanal is less of a methyl carbon so to introduce methyl substituent, methyl magnesium bromide is preferred. The carbon of the Grignard reagent is a nucleophile (CH3-) and will effortlessly attack the electrophilic carbonyl carbon (-CHO) of the aldehyde. 

Explain why does NO2 dimerise

A Dimer is an additive product of two similar species. For example, when two molecules of NO2 combine it would give one molecule of N2O4. The N2O4 formed would be called as a dimer of NO2. Dimerization could be due to the formation of new covalent bonds or due to intermolecular hydrogen bonding.  Here, in case of N2O4, it is due to covalent bonding. 


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